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한강 흥 프로젝트 포스터 이미지
K-Sculpture 2021 Greetings.
I am Yoon Young-dal, The President of K-Sculpture Organization Committee.
I am delighted to hold at the three Han River Parks, the symbol of the modern progress of South Korea, with the official support of Han River Business Headquarters in Seoul. is a unique outdoor exhibition featuring about 300 art pieces harmonizing with the beautiful Han River for the nation and Seoul citizens suffering from COVID-19. The event is held under the theme of "A Stroll for an Appreciation for Arts, Deong Deokung~" and it will awaken the spirit of our people, "Heung (excitement)," to overcome the hardship of COVID-19 and look to the vision of the future. I would like to thank Han River Business Headquarters for supporting us with the successful hosting of the event and Kim SungBok, the President of the Operating Committee, for doing his very best up to the end. Also, I’d like to thank Kim Yoon Sob, the Exhibition Director, and the staff and executives of Crown Haitai. The President of K-Sculpture Organization Committee
Yoon Young-dal, CEO of Crown Haitai
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  • 전시명 '2021한강프로젝트 - 흥'
  • 전시 주제 흥:풍류산책, 덩더쿵~
  • 전시 일정 2021. 10. 29~2021. 12. 31
  • 전시 장소 여의도한강공원, 반포한강공원, 뚝섬한강공원
  • 참여 작가 국내 작가 300인의 300여 점
  • 기획자 김윤섭 예술감독