Main Identity

To emphasize the meaning of the theme of Hangang Sculpture Project 2022, “Enjoyable Tour,” the artwork portrays a number of people enjoying the gentle breeze blowing from the river, friendly shimmering waves, and warm light reflected on the water. The artist wanted the vitalizing and refreshing artwork to give people hope that it will enrich their lives. Three colors are in mid-tone to express the different lives of diverse life.

Color Paiette

  • C 42 M 00 Y 22 K 19
  • C 05 M 47 Y 08 K 25
  • C 05 M 14 Y 56 K 25



SB 어그로

樂樂遊覽 Enjoyable Tour

Sandoll 고딕Neo1 09 Hv

To add refreshment and vitality of sculpture to the clean and cool beauty, the artist combined Korean, Chinese, and English characters to make them seem one. The artist used a straight but not rough font to add friendliness and used various colors to express the different lives of diverse life.