Exhibition Theme


The theme of the Hangang Sculpture Project 2022 is 'Enjoyable Tour(Nakrak Yuram)'

  • 전시주제1 Hangang Sculpture Project 2022- The theme “Enjoyable Tour” represents taking an enjoyable tour along the riverside with sentimental contemplation. Along the Riverside Tour ⟶ Edge of the Water Tour ⟶ Appreciation for Art Tour ⟶ Enjoyable Tour
  • 전시주제2 To inherit the theme of Hangang Sculpture Project 2021 “Heung (excitement)”, we are adding “Hang (towards something)” to the theme for 2022 wishing the event to become a great success.
    *Combination of the two words “Heung Hang” in Korean means “success”.
  • 전시주제3 Hangang Sculpture Project 2022 will attract spectators who are visiting KIAK ART SEOUL 2022 to give an opportunity of an exhibition tour.
  • 전시주제4 It will provide an opportunity for the visitors who are suffering from COVID-19 to take a relaxing moment and enjoy the tour while appreciating the art pieces.
  • 전시주제5 To secure the universality and internationality of K-Sculpture, the event will introduce K-Sculpture to the public and let them know that it is not something obscure but something close to them as much as it can provide them with enjoyable tour.